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Building for charity at the Peace event

How to begin a blog post summarising an experience that lasted over a month and had literal blood, sweat, tears, all nighters and message ringtone dancing. Yes people the descent of out madness stoops to all new lows. But I tell you that tune was catchy! The “Peace event” is an event in the excel centre exhibiting different culture from the arts, media, textiles, books,  knowledge/information, discussions and tasty treats from all over the world.

My involvement came in as a young creative to co-design stalls for two charities, Ulfa and Interpal. Ulfa deals with sectors such as building homes for the homeless. Prefabricated structures, for disaster stricken areas and other housing developments such as orphanages and local community homes. Its other sectors involve feeding the homeless in the U.K (soup kitchen) and abroad, the charity shop a local community Internet radio show, emergency appeals and hospital visits. And many other inspiring projects that they have covered over the years such as mountain walks up mount Snowdon and Ben Nevis. Myself and a team of a few friends conjured up and decided to take on the task, as young creative’s to build the stalls. Our team being the lovely Nadia, Zara, Saf and Isa. Our backgrounds being varied in the arts and humanities fields. Covering different scopes, backgrounds and artistic influences.

The two charity stalls both had different floor plans to adhere to for the design. Interpals being 5 metres x 5 metres and Ulfas space being 3 metres x 2 metres for the stall. The idea was to utilise the spaces and design something unique and visually appealing then your average stall at another convention, with office style partition walls. Over the next month we met initially over tea and cake and visually mapped out what we envisaged and what each stall would try to represent and portray. Ulfa is a fairly new charity and has only been running for a few years, and being its first time at the peace event, the idea was to demonstrate what Ulfa is all about, its sectors, and how people could get involved and help.

Above is our initial 3D modeling of the two spaces, prior to designing. With our 3D rendering and dimensions we were able to head down to a local wood supplier, buy our timber and plywood boards to begin construction.

Looking back construction was probably the longest thing due to not working in a full-equipped workshop. But despite all this and a couple more visits to our local wood manufacturers for even more nails we under-estimated, we were ready to paint our hearts out and happy to get to that stage after we fully completed the construction. Painting was a really exciting stage and a pinnacle moment after weeks of heavy lifting, drilling, sawing. The group all found the painting to be very therapeutic and the period that triggered the most excitement. We ran out of time to get to the stage we aspired to achieve with Interpals stall, due to having to rush to the excel centre and actually deliver and install the walls at the Docklands site. After its was tucked away nicely in our North West London base for about 3 weeks. Nevertheless after all the long hours and hard work we actually were really proud of ourselves and what we managed to achieve in such a small amount of time, realising when you put your mind to anything for a good cause you can achieve it, if your intention is right. The aim was to stand out raise awareness for the charities and to be visually aesthetic to people walking by.  If it caught people’s eyes, making them turn around, pick up a leaflet and listen to the great works these two charities produce day in and day out. Then it was really worth it for the sake of those who life’s we can never fully comprehend and whom we strive to help through this fantastic experience we were lucky to have received.

Construction and design of boards

Ulfas stall and volunteers during the day.


SocialVibe, a few clicks that could save lifes

Hello everyone if you are coming to visit my page, firstly thank you very much for doing so. I really appreciate your support and you taking the time to read my blog and I hope you do decide to participate in the various topics and discussions, giving your own views or just merely reading the blog. But please I just wanted to quickly say scroll down and on the bottom left hand side is a initiative called SocialVibe. SocialVibe state on their facebook page that “individuals make a positive, measurable impact for the charity of their choice just by completing branded activities. In just over a year’s time, the SocialVibe community has raised over $700,000 for over forty different non-profits.” Simply all you have to do is fill out a few activities (a few clicks) no personal information really required and big brands promise to help a charity by their initial promotion of you watching their video’s. Its a fantastic way of helping charities and branding at the same time. In a few clicks you could feed a child in Africa, help build a well for those water deprived in developing countries. Or help children with disabilities, depression or home difficulties . I liked the campaign to feed a child in a few clicks and many school children in developing countries could earn a meal by just you doing this very action. So please do if you can, thank you.

Fill a box for the flood victims in Pakistan

As we are all very aware the tragic floods in Pakistan have devastated many lives and has affected the local housing, community and infrastructure. Affecting over 4 million people, leaving a vast number homeless, without the basic human essentials of shelter, clean water and food. The scale of the devastation has said to be worse than that of Haiti, the South-East Asian tsunami and the Kashmir earthquake combined. There has been a great number of charities helping and all the well known charities are involved in some sort of initiative to raise funds. Its been distressing to hear that a lot of people have not been donating, the British public raised  more then 100 million in the first week for Haiti, the even vaster natural disaster in Pakistan just raised a mere 10 million in the first week. A lot of people are afraid where the money is going to be sent, and if it is going to actually reach the people, but there are many well known charities declaring aid will be delivered asap or have delivered/delivering aid even as I write this. Recognised charities such as D.E.C (disaster emergency committee) which have been advertising on the TV and local transport all around London.

On Sunday the 19th sept, Imperial university and probably many other university campuses set up a campaign to fill a box. The aim was to pack boxes of vital food supplies and other goods in ‘survival boxes’ and send them to the flood victims. PIA  (Pakistan international airline) are transporting the goods for free and kindly the organisers at Imperial were providing boxes and free transportation for the goods to the airport.

Each box containing the following:
1 x cotton sheet
1 x pack of dates
2 x 1.5L bottles of mineral water
2 x packets of sweet biscuits
2 x packets of salted biscuits
12 x small cartons of juice
1.5L of long-life milk
2 x sachets of oral rehydration solution
Plastic glasses
2 x bars of soap

It was fantastic to go along and help fill the boxes. It really put things into perspective when you see someone’s whole life before you in a 17 by 17 inch box. How lucky we are and the very least we can do is either help fill a box or give a little loose change to people bucket collecting. For fellow human beings who’s life supplies can be contained within a corrugated card board box. A lot of people may worry but what would you rather do, just sit back and see millions of people suffer. I know what we all should be doing, but I hope and ask that anyone who is reading this you do take the time to help at least for the millions of children affected. Finally I just wanna give a big shout out and embarrass my friends Saf and Taufiq for gathering their friends and students to get involved. Heading down to Imperial and for actually taking the time to trek around and drive to big super stores/shops to purchase all these items. All I merely did was turn up, pack a few boxes, but they were the real super stars of the day. Along side with the hard working students who we met at Imperial College London.