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Imagining peace 2010 Southbank Centre, creatives meet up

On Saturday the 6th of November a dear friend of mine the talented and wonderful Yemisi Blake, a London-based writer and creative mentor at the Southbank centre organised an interactive networking event. A chance for young up and coming creative’s to mingle with one another (with free food yay.) The idea was to give an informal 5-10 min presentation about themselves, what they do and works they have produced. Purely just to learn from one another and our individual involvement in poetry international 2010 “Imagining peace”. Thus being artistically enthused by those around us and that I truly was. We had a range of different people all into differing arts styles, designs, it was fantastic to see that dexterity. From the brilliantly talented Yemisi and his amazing poetry skills that I have seen flourish through out our years together since college. Yes Yem we are that old.

To the enchanting moves and grooves of another former college cohort Shakeel a truly gifted and awe inspiring young dancer, who is part of the dance troupe Goodfoot. Who have currently been going on tour all around the U.K. Motivating  & teaching the youth, portraying to the public the importance of dance in today’s day and age.

Following on we were tantalized by the wicked illustration of Myrto & Sonia whom I had heard of but had never met. It was great to finally associate art pieces to them, and acknowledge who they were because their work fully deserves a lot of praise.

And last but by no means least Mohamed Zain an up and coming spoken word artist who goes by the name on the streets (he tells me) as urban poet. Mohamed Zain has an ability granted by God to capture an audience not just by his lyrical spit at only 18 years but by his amazing vocal singing ability. That very sadly he shy’s away from but needs much kudos and respect for. Speaking of this brings back good memories from when he use to ring a local community radio show I presented with my fellow co-host Zara Peace Saturdays on Radio 96.2fm, where Mohamed Zain would amaze us each week with his beautiful vocal ability.

To conclude it all though honestly speaking I had a fantastic time mingling with other creative’s. I felt part of something new and exciting, is this how the pre-Raphaelites felt before the magic? Who knows? Even though my presentation was majorly underprepared due to no ones fault but my own, it was such a lovely relaxed environment, and I hope it will continue to grow and flourish. Well done to Yemisi Blake for putting all this together and having the energy to keep bugging us to actually do this. Here’s to many more inspiring afternoons.

(From top to bottom Yemisi, Shakeel, Myrto, Sonia and Mohamed Zain.)

Post can also be viewed on the Southbank Centre’s blog: Poetry International 2010, Imagining peace.


The Original Inception

We’ve all watched the movie and pondered at the ending but the painting below is the original Inception. For all those who did not watch the movie Inception directed by Christopher Nolan, is about the notion of constructing a persons dream, altering someone’s mind and the basic fabric of their dream. Making your design their own thoughts thus changing the future.

But from this beautiful painting portraying styles of Romanticism and naturalism. We see that this concept has been one many have dreamed of and painted. I myself have my own romantic ideals about the movie and the ending and think the concept/cinematography is both visually stunning and exciting. Putting people ‘s architectural imagination, creativity and originality to the test.  Altering spaces, places and modifying the standard typography of the ever-changing architectural grid. What utopias would you create in your dream? or what spaces would you construct or deconstruct?  Let your imagination wonder, your dreams are just the beginning.