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Polaroid pogo-go!

I’ve always been a fan of Polaroid’s and instant photography. As a keen photographer and artist, exploring how you observe the world individually through photography is something very challenging and exciting. How we vary as people through our differing backgrounds and settings. Capturing frames that inspire, challenge and change our perception of our beautiful ever-changing world. When I heard of the new Polaroid pogo it’s something I thought could be interesting to document our transforming urban landscape. So I decided everyday for the next year I would take a picture, documenting life through my eyes, and see what kind of person I am. What makes me different from other people? What makes something visually attractive to me and unfamiliar and not so pleasing to someone else? maybe the beauty is in variety, like creation around us. But nonetheless I’ve been documenting since November and these are my images so far. I will be updating my images monthly and display my favourite week from each month, let me know what you think, or what tones, pictures, settings inspire you?