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Polaroid pogo-go!

I’ve always been a fan of Polaroid’s and instant photography. As a keen photographer and artist, exploring how you observe the world individually through photography is something very challenging and exciting. How we vary as people through our differing backgrounds and settings. Capturing frames that inspire, challenge and change our perception of our beautiful ever-changing world. When I heard of the new Polaroid pogo it’s something I thought could be interesting to document our transforming urban landscape. So I decided everyday for the next year I would take a picture, documenting life through my eyes, and see what kind of person I am. What makes me different from other people? What makes something visually attractive to me and unfamiliar and not so pleasing to someone else? maybe the beauty is in variety, like creation around us. But nonetheless I’ve been documenting since November and these are my images so far. I will be updating my images monthly and display my favourite week from each month, let me know what you think, or what tones, pictures, settings inspire you?


Monday blues…seek some Autumnal therapy

Its October we have all passed September’s re-settling in period, whether its back to work, university, or college, back to the grindstone. Summer is well and truly gone, well that’s if you had a summer. But hey look on the bright side, the enchanting colours of the autumnal season are something to make anyone with Monday blues smile. Intense shades of reds, oranges, pinks, yellows and green. The roads are multicolored if it were. You just have to walk down the road to see the most amazing leaves scattered down the walkway. I’ve probably developed an unhealthy habit this season of picking up beautiful crimson leafs & other intriguing ones that make me feel inspired. Colours you couldn’t think a tree could generate during it shedding (thirst period) and colours you would only associate with summer. Parks, communal gardens and anywhere with a high density of plantation are a treasure trove of hue’s and tones. So next time you feel cold and tired, take a detour through the park you might just see the most beautiful array of colours that could brighten up your day.

Upwards and onwards

During the last couple of months, I have been fascinated by the sky, yes the sky! Usually carrying my SLR around with me ready to whip out at the sight of a beautiful sunrise or sunset all over the London skylines. Maybe this weird infatuation is due to the extensive amount of documentaries I watch, national geo for one, or any type of environmental/space or historical based shows. The subliminal need to see and to associate picturesque scenes around me from all the documentaries that have entered my mind. It may also be due to my Architectural background that I feel compelled to stop and watch these sunsets mirrored in the reflection of certain buildings, the ever changing sky above reflected in the ever changing landscape. The need to have a perfect photoshopped sunset included in a section I may draw during the day. Who knows! But recently on my travels whether it be coming back from my daily commute or around random treks around London, I have witnessed the most beautiful skies. It were as if the creator is proving his creation to me.

I’ve been given the odd weird glance and understandably so as at traffic lights i have held my SLR directly skywards instead of crossing the street. Which in my defense, was something that i had to do. But I urge everyone to have a look up once in a while, forget exotic South America, and beautiful skylines of Africa and Asia. London and other urban cities can be just as beautiful! keep watching the skies people, and i’m sure you’ll see something just as spectacular as I have.